Revolut vs Curve vs Monese vs Transferwise

Present offers and free credit + cards

Revolut 10 EUR + Free card; Curve 5 GBP + Free Card; Monese Free 15 GBP + Free card; Transferwise Free card + Free transfer

Revolut €10 + Free Card

Signup with Revolut use this link

to get FREE €10 + Free Card.
Offer valid until Aug. 29 2019.

Curve £5 + Free Card

Curve Card get £5
Sign up with code DZAMB3XE.

Monese £/€15 + Free Card

Signup for a new account with this link:

And use code DRAGO862 during signup. Code must be the same.

You get £15 or €15 when you make your first card transaction.


– Signup with the link above.
– Load 10 EUR minimum to your Revolut account and order FREE card.
– Make a purchase, you get €10 free.

– The selling point for me was the good exchange rates.
– You save money when you need to buy something in another currency or when traveling.
– You can have multiple balances in your account and with one card you can pay in multiple currencies.


– All your bank cards in one.
– Add existing cards.
– Good exchange rates like Revolut but with something extra.
– Able to go to a transaction made in the last 2weeks!
– Can change the card that was used. In 1 min after the purchase, aka. Go back in time.


Pretty much very similar to Revolut.

Exchange rates may be a bit different but it’s nice to keep it as a backup for Revolut.

Get a €15 welcome gift when you open a Monese account and do the first transaction with the Monese Card. Just use my code: DRAGO862

Download the Monese app here:

Out of all 3 so far Revolut is my favorite because it’s really easy but I still haven’t used the Monese card yet.


Also have Transferwise but they have small fees to load the Transferwise Border-less Account card.

With this link you get a free card and a free transfer:


Revolut is #1, try to change my mind if you think otherwise in the comments bellow.

Curve is one card for all your plastic. With good exchange.

Monese gives a really good signup bonus so why not try that too.

Transferwise could drop the card loading fees. The fees are really small but people don’t want to pay fees.

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