iPhone 5S Battery Replacement – Easy Fix

iPhone 5S Battery Replacement
iPhone 5S Battery Replacement

iPhone 5S Battery Lithium-Ion battery replacement – easy fix / repair.

How to change or replace an Apple iPhone 5/5S battery.
Showing the difficult parts and how to easily replace the iPhone battery yourself.

The old battery was dead and would not hold a charge anymore and was getting hot during charging.
Battery life was very short(1-2h max.).

This is an easy fix/ repair that you can do yourself.
It’s the first time I do this, if I could do it, you can do it too!

iPhone 5S battery replacement video


Original battery is Li-ion Polymer,
3.8v DC 5.92Whr
4.3V full charge
APN: 616-0718
VPN: A69TA006H
GB/T 18287-2000
Made by Simplo Technology(Changshu) Inc.
Made in Thailand
Manufacture date 08/2013

Author: Dragos Ion

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