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VW Polo 2003 9N Heater Blower Motor Noise – FIX

VW Polo 2003 9N Heater Blower Motor Noise.

How to cleaning or replace a noisy VW Polo 2003 9N heater blower motor.

Heather blower (HVAC) motor was making lout noise at speed 2, 3 and 4.
While the blower motor was running the dashboard was vibrating because of it.


Video – VW Polo 2003 9N Heater Blower Motor Noise

Showing how to remove it from the car, ckeck and clean it.
If the noise is still present you can replace the motor but i’s worth trying to clean it before doing that.

Also showing the thermal fuse of the blower motor.
If this fuse is blown, your ventilation will work only on speed 4. On the other speeds the motor will be off.

That thermal fuse can be blown if the motor is really going bad and doesn’t sping freely, thus consuming more power(drawing more current).
That fuse is a safety measure, replace it if needed with the same specification. DO NOT replace it with a plain wire!!


Dead Car Battery Recovery – Charging

Recover your dead car battery with a custom constant current / constant voltage power supply.
A regular charger will not charge a battery that was siting a long time and reached a very low voltage but this can!
After bringing it to normal voltage 10v to 12V, you can continue the charge with your regular car charger.



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