Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals

Prime Day 2019 Deals are here already.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Starts soon.

Amazon Prime Day lasts for only 48 hours.
Begins Monday, July 15 but what time is Amazon prime starting?

I’m glad you asked, bellow is the start time of Prime Days:

  • 12AM (PT)
  • 3AM (ET)
  • 8AM (BST)
  • 7AM (UTC/GMT)
  • 10AM (UTC+3)

Deals end on 17 July 12AM PT So hurry up!

Get your local deals here:

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals

Don’t have Prime?

Get Prime FREE trial for 30 days here.


  • Buy ONLY what you need and you would already buy.
  • Keep an eye on lightning deals.
  • Compare prices to other local stores prices.
  • If something is sold-out, wait until it comes back.
    Deals last 48 hours (2 days).

Most important is to keep calm and THINK BEFORE you buy anything.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the offers.

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