Grow Plants From Cuttings

How to grow plants from cuttings easy at home with a simple trick or let’s call this the rooting and propagating plants hack. πŸ™‚

How to grow plants from cuttings video

You take cuttings from plants that you might see where you leave. Ask permission first if the plant is not your own.

Just take a cutting from a healthy looking plant and it’s better if the branch you take is more woody but still a bit green.

When rooting plants, the green branches start developing roots the fastest but are more weak later compared to woody branches.

Also woody branches develop roots slower but are much stronger once they have their roots developed.

I used rooting powder that stimulates the plant to grow roots faster.

You can grow plants from cuttings using any brand of rooting powder, liquid, gel or even honey.

You can even do this without any rooting powder at all.

I used it because I have it and it’s easier, just get the cheapest rooting powder/liquid that you can find in your local gardening shops.

Use potting mix and add some perlite if you have(not really necessary).

After the plants are in the potting mix, water the plants until the pot is fully saturated with water.

Place a plastic bag on top of the plants to keep moisture in.

Once a day or every other day, open the bag and spray the plants with water. keep the bag open for about 30 minutes.

After 2 weeks they should have developed roots and won’t need to cover them with the bag.

Keep the plants in the shade until their roots are strong and they start growing.

Enjoy your free plants. πŸ™‚

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How to Test a Relay with a 9V Battery

How you can test if a relay is functioning properly?
To test the relay, you only need a 9V battery for the most basic test.


Relays have 3 kinds of terminals, coil terminals, NC and NO terminals.
NC is normally closed.
NO is normally open.
The Coil terminals control the state of the relay. Closed or open.

NC is letting electricity pass thru the relay when there is no voltage and electric current flow across the relay coil terminals.
When the coil is energized, the NO terminals, close and let electricity flow.

Just place the battery on the relay terminals that are connected to the relay coil.
When you place the 9 volts battery on the relay coil terminals, the relay will click.
Try the switching the + and – positive and negative terminals if the coil doesn’t work.

Relay test video

Showing in the video the power supply of an old JVC VCR.
Matshushita JD2a-DC12V

And a Chinese Arduino relay module.
Songle brand. SRD-05VDC-SL-C
10A 250VAC


ORICO HDD Docking Station Enclosure

The ORICO HDD Docking Station Enclosure is a hard drive and SSD docking station enclosure. Showing unboxing and testing.

Tested HDD spin-down sleep mode when the hard disk is inactive.
Tested hard disk spin down on Windows safe remove event.
Checked on Windows 10, worked from the beginning, plug and play no need to install any drivers.

This is a hard disk docking station HDD enclosure.
It needs no tools to use. It’s a tool-free installation for the HDD or SSD.

The ORICO HDD Docking Station supports HDD and SSD of 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch form factor size.
Connects to the PC with USB 3.0 for fast data transfer.
Supports SATA 3Gbps – SATA 2 (SATA II) and SATA 6Gbps SATA 3 (SATA III).
In the video I say it supports only SATA II but it actually suppots SATA III too, I was confused, sorry.

ORICO HDD docking station unboxing and tests video


Manufacturer: ORICO Technologies
Product Name: 2.5 & 3.5 Inch SATA USB 3.0 Hard Drive Dock
Product: ORICO 6518US3
Code: ORICO 6518US3-V1-BK
Dimensions: 180*122*41mm
Meets USB 3.0 standard for data transfer, rate up to 5Gbps.

Power adapter specifications:
Input AC 100-240V
50/60Hz 0,8A Max
Output: DC 12V 2A
Power connector: 2.5mm power jack, center pis is positive.

Made in: China

It supports SATA2 (SATA II) and SATA 3 (SATA III).

I have tested this enclosure with the WD Mycloud. Tried to connect it to the USB 3.0 host port of the My cloud and it DID NOT WORK.
It may be possible to force the drive to be mounted. Tried ssh but couldn’t mount the drive.
Also I did not format the HDD to check if after formatting the WD Mycloud will see the drive.
If you have this hard disk dock and it works with the Mycloud write bellow in the comment how you did it! πŸ™‚

If you want this for Mycloud backups it might be better to look at other enclosures.

The enclosure will power-down the hard disk after approx 5-10 min. of inactivity and it will power-up the hard disk once the drive it’s accessed. This works perfectly.
I refer the HDD to be powered down when not in use to reduce power use and reduce heat and wear in the summer.

Sometimes too many power-up power-down cycles are not good but in my case it will be for backups so it won’t be accessed all the time.

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Samsung 850 EVO speed test on SATA II ports

Today we unbox, install and speed-test the Samsung 850 EVO SSD drive on an old SATA 2 ( SATA II) port in my old but good 10+ year old motherboard… the Abit IP-35 πŸ™‚

Watch our whole video of the unboxing, installation and testing including real-time Windows 10 startup test on an SSD.

Samsung 850 EVO speed test on SATA II ports video

Testing the Samsung 850 EVO

V-NAND SSD drive 2.5 inch size that fits both in laptops and in a desktop PC.

When installing the SSD in a desktop computer, you might need a HDD bracket adapter from 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch HDD bay. If your case has a 2.5” HDD bay you won’t need any adapters.

This 2.5” HDD has standard SATA power and data connections.

It has mounting holes on the sides and also on the bottom of the drive.

The SSD shown here and in the video is the 500GB version.

Make: Samsung Electronics
Model: Samsung 850 EVO
Type: Solid State Drive
Interface: SATA III (SATA 6Gb/s), compatible with SATA II (SATA 3Gb/s) and SATA I (1.5Gb/s)Β  Interface

Up to 540 MB/sec Sequential Read
Up to 520 MB/sec Sequential Write
Random Read (4KB, QD32):Up to 98,000 IOPS Random Read
Random Read (4KB, QD1):Up to 10,000 IOPS Random Read Random Write (4KB, QD32):Up to 90,000 IOPS Random Write
Random Write (4KB, QD1):Up to 40,000 IOPS Random Write
Memory Speed: Samsung V-NAND 3bit MLC 512MB LPDDR3
Controller: Samsung MGX Controller
Supports: Trim, AES 256-bit Full Disk Encryption, S.M.A.R.T., Garbage Collection.
Reliability (MTBF): 1.5 Million Hours (MTBF)
5 Years Limited Warranty or 150TBW Limited Warranty

Full drive specifications: here

SSD performance when used in best conditions – SATA3 can achieve the bellow speeds but we will test it on SATA 2.

If your PC is running SATA in IDE mode you should change to AHCI mode to increase performance.

Install the Samsung Magician app/program and it will tell you if Trim and AHCI are enabled.

Normally when changing from IDE to AHCI you would need to reinstall the Windows operating system but there is a way to avoid that.


Simple instructions:

  1. Press WindowsKey+R
  2. Type “regedit” without quotes and press enter,
  3. Navigate to this registry key:Β  “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\storahci\StartOverride”
  4. Find the D_WORD key named “0” and double click to edit it’s value
  5. Change the value from 3 to 0
  6. Press ok, close everything and restart the computer
  7. Go to bios and change SATA mode to AHCI (different depending on your MB manufacturer)

Start windows and check in Samsung Magician that the AHCI is reported as enabled.

Once that looks good it’s time to use the Data migration tool / application to clone the old hard disk on to the new SSD.

Doing this helps you save time but watch carefully in the video that there are some potential problems that you can avoid if you follow the steps.

Once cloning is complete, the SSD will become the system drive.

Tested the SSD on SATA2 and even though the sequential read spead is limited by the SATA II interface bandwith the random access speed is much much greater that what the old HDD was able to provide.

In the test we reached more than 280MB read/write speed and in the real world that should make it worth upgrading to SSD even if you don’t have SATA 3 (SATA III) ports on your motherboard.

The 850 EVO is much faster than our needs but paid less for it because the new 860 EVO was released… Could have used a slower drive because the interface is the bottleneck here but this was the cheapest 500GB drive I could find locally at the time we bought this.

If you thing about upgrading to SSD, do it! πŸ™‚

Brand doesn’t matter, any SSD will be faster than your old HDD!
Just think about how much space you need, and then find the cheapest from any of the top 10 manufacturers.

Write a comment bellow if you upgraded your PC storage and are excited as I was when saw the speed of this thing! πŸ™‚

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Broken SATA Connector on Motherboard Fixed

  1. Did you Break a Β SATA Connector on your Motherboard?

Showing you how to fix a SATA connector when it breaks from the Motherboard (MB).
When you pull the SATA cable without pressing the release pins before, the connector on the Motherboard can come out with the sata cable.

If the SATA pin header connections are still intact, you can fix the SATA connections with this trick.

You must try this only if you have experience with fixing small parts.
This needs very steady hands and a lot of patience.
You should not press the SATA connector plastic housing but just let it slide down on the pins.

All SATA pins must align with the sata connector housing to be able to fix this.

Use Epoxy glue to secure the sata connector on the Motherboard.
Do not use super glue! I have used superglue before and it doesn’t last because there is mechanical tension and the Motherboard flexes slightly when you press down the SATA cable on the connector.

Broken SATA Connector on Motherboard video

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SilverCrest Headphones & USB power sockets

Allow me to present to you, my official yotuber headphones! πŸ™‚
Bought these headphones from Lidl.
They are SilverCrest headphones.

Excellent sound with a 50mm PET membrane
They have a connector for a second headphone to have 2 pairs of headphones from the same sound source.
Gold plated 3.5mm audio jack – this one is great!
Cable length: 140cm / 1,4m – cable is a bit short for me, have to use an audio cable extension.
Frequency range /response: 20 – 20.000 Hz (not like I say in the video 20.000 KHz sorry about that)

The headphones are size adjustable and can be folded for easy transport.

SilverCrest Hifi Headphone model: SKH 50 B1

Made for Lidl Europe by:
Kompernass H. GmbH
Manufacture date 2016-08
They are made in Germany yey πŸ™‚

The power socket with USB specifications:
USB Socket adaptor
Model: UBSA-004 10298C IAN273790
Max. 3120W, 13A, 250V
USB: DC 5V, max. 2.1A(total) for both USB sockets
Made by: Uni-Electra GmbH
Made in Germany yey again πŸ™‚

USB car charger specifications:
USB charger
Model no.: HG01710A
Voltage in: 12V/24V current 1A
Voltage our: 5V current 2.1A
Version 10/2016


Fix Noisy Oven Fan & Replace Oven Light

Showing you how to fix the oven light and fix a noisy oven fan.
Showing this easy fix on an Ariston Hotopint oven but most ovens are built the same and this solution can be applied to many oven makes and models.

The fan makes a loud noise sounds like metal touching metal and it sounds like the motor in the oven has failed and needs to be replaced but there is a chance that you don’t need to replace the motor but just check the motor’s fan and see if the fan became loose.
If this is the case, all you have to do is tighten the nut that holds the fan on the motor.

Also changing the oven light bulb.
Before changing make sure that the light bulb is the problem and not something else.
If the light bulb has it’s filament broken, you know that bulb needs to be replaced.

The light bulb is a Philips
25W, 300 degrees Celsius, 230v 240v
if the light bulb cover is missing, you should replace the light bulb cover so that the light bulb does not burn again.
The light bulb cover prevents grease splashes from touching the light bulb and damaging it.
You can use it without a cover for a while, temporarily.
Our light bulb cover just broke one day.

Replaced it with a 15W bulb because I couldn’t find a 25W bulb.
It works perfectly now.

Thanks for Watching and reading.

How I fixed it video

Cleaning Clogged Print Head in Inkjet Printers

Cleaning a clogged print head in inkjet printers is easy to do, just need to follow a few steps.

You need a syringe, window cleaner liquid, Isopropyl alcohol 70% or higher and distilled water.
Oh and a lot of patience.

Also showing how to diagnose transport and pickup roller problems in the inkjet printer and fixing them when the printer does not pick-up paper in the paper feeder.

This is a Brother printer, model MFC-215C

First video, how I found it

Second video, Clogged print head cleaning

It’s a multi-functional printer, scanner, printer, copier, and fax machine.

How to clean a clogged print head in inkjet printers.
Cleaning a clogged print head can be done in several brands of printers.
You can apply this method in inkjet printers that have the print head as a separate unit from the ink tanks.
You cannot do this on printers that have the ink containers and print head as one unit as HP does. For that we have uploaded another video.
This is applicable for Canon, Epson and Brother printers.

VW Polo 2003 9N Heater Blower Motor Noise – FIX

VW Polo 2003 9N Heater Blower Motor Noise.

How to cleaning or replace a noisy VW Polo 2003 9N heater blower motor.

Heather blower (HVAC) motor was making lout noise at speed 2, 3 and 4.
While the blower motor was running the dashboard was vibrating because of it.


Video – VW Polo 2003 9N Heater Blower Motor Noise

Showing how to remove it from the car, ckeck and clean it.
If the noise is still present you can replace the motor but i’s worth trying to clean it before doing that.

Also showing the thermal fuse of the blower motor.
If this fuse is blown, your ventilation will work only on speed 4. On the other speeds the motor will be off.

That thermal fuse can be blown if the motor is really going bad and doesn’t sping freely, thus consuming more power(drawing more current).
That fuse is a safety measure, replace it if needed with the same specification. DO NOT replace it with a plain wire!!


Maxtor D3 Station – 4TB External HDD Unboxing and Test

Maxtor / Seagate D3 Station – 4TB External HDD Unboxing and Test
This external hard disk (HDD) comes with a large variation of power adapters.

In the box:

  • HDD
  • USB 3.0 data cable
  • Power supply and socket adapters
  • Manual, warranty, blah blah…

For the drive to spin-up you must connect power and the data cable. If only power is connected, it will stay in sleep mode.

During a transfer speed test the drive just stopped working and an error message popped up about the drive being gone.
Checked the windows event log and that confirmed, the drive dissapeared on it’s own and the event log had errors related to the HDD.

After a bit of troubleshooting I’ve realized that the USB 3.0 extension I was using was ‘not good enough’.
Connect the HDD directly to the USB port in the computer, no cheapo USB extensions and you’ll be alright. πŸ™‚

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